• Cheaper than Conventional Pipes
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Durable, non-toxic and maintenance free
  • Long Lasting
  • Karan UPVC Casing pipes are durable, maintenance-free & economical compared to conventional pipes. maintenance-free, and economical compared to conventional pipes.
  •  Casing and Ribbed Screen Pipes offer quick and convenient installation.

uPVC Pressure Pipes Socket Fit Pipes

Karan uPVC Pressure Pipes is a multipurpose product with a wide range of applications in Potable Water Transportation (underground pipe lines) for agriculture farms & domestic water supply lines, Agricultural & Domestic tube wells & bore wells, also they are often applied as drain pipes in residential, commercial & Industrial buildings. Karan uPVC Pipes are manufactured conforming to IS 4985 & the fittings conforming to IS 7834. Karan uPVC Pressure Pipes offer a maintenance free solution for a longer & non rusting and corrosion service life of more than 23 years.

uPVC Elastomeric (Ring Fit Pipes)

The Ring Fit Jointing System, When the pipes are pushed together the rubber in the seal is compressed. The composition gives rise to a sealing pressure that acts on the socket.